Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

What does the CPL license allow you to do…
To fly for “hire or reward” and work for a Commercial Air Service in Canada it is required that the pilot hold the Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This opens the door to your career as a commercial pilot as you work your way towards your career goals. Typical entry level positions for pilots with a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) are as follows:
  • VFR Charter Air Taxi
  • IFR Charter Air Taxi
  • Photo Survey Pilot
  • Forest Fire Detection
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Airborne Traffic Watch
  • Airborne Banner Towing
  • Parachute Dropping
  • Forest Fire Suppression
  • Flight Instructor (with valid Instructors Rating)

Commercial Pilot - Pacific Professional Flight Center | PPFC | PRO IFR

Once the Commercial Pilot License has been attained, most of our graduates also hold the Multi‐IFR Rating and are truly ready for the “first job”. We elaborate more on the Multi‐Engine Instrument Rating here click.

CPL Prerequisites

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • There are no special educational requirements other than a working knowledge of English or French.


CPL Requirements

  • A minimum of 200 hours total flight time and 100 hours Pilot in Command time including 20 hours X-Country.
  • 18 Years of age.
  • Class 1 medical. Obtained from a Aviation medical examiner.
  • All previous flight time counts toward the Commercial Pilot course.
  • Time Building may be required to reach the required time.

The Commercial course consists of 65 hours of flight training and 40 hours of ground school. The break-down includes a Night Endorsement and VFR-over-the-Top.

  • 35 hours of dual instruction:Commercial Pilot - Pacific Professional Flight Center | PPFC | PRO IFR
    • 10 hours of advanced dual instruction including at least 5 hours of X-Country
    • 20 hours of instrument time.
    • 5 hours dual night
  • 30 hours of solo flight time
    • 25 hours of general practice, including airwork, and radio communication
    • 5 hours solo night
    • Straight line cross country of at least 300 nautical miles with landings at 3 airports other than the departure airport
  • A minimum of 80 hours ground school. Including instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General Knowledge.
  • A Transport Canada Written and Flight test is required


How fast can I get it done?

Training is at the student’s pace and convenience. The course will take 10 weeks if full time, 5 months if part time (3 lessons a week)


Do I need to pay full program cost up front?

No, there is no need to prepay full program cost up front. Instead, you will pay as you go and be charged by “flight time”. This is the time from engine start to engine stop. The hobbs meter in the aircraft keeps track of this time in .1 hour intervals (6-minute intervals). This article explains why paying full program cost up front may not be a good idea.


What is the Cost?

The table below is the minimum requirements and cost estimates for obtaining a Commercial Pilots License with Professional Flight Centre.

Transport Canada Required Minimums for Commercial Pilot License:

C152 Dual Training – 25 hours @ $183.00 $4575.00
C172 Dual Training – 10 hours @ $203.00 $2030.00
C152 Solo Training – 55 hours @ $124.00 $6820.00
C172 Solo Training – 20 hours @ $144.00 $2880.00
Ground Briefing – 15 hours @ $59.00 $885.00
3 Day CPL Written Seminar $450.00
Total Fees to Professional Flight Centre ($CAD): $17640.00

Incidental Fees:

Transport Canada CPL Written Exam Fee $105.00
Flight Test Examiner Fee $400.00
Transport Canada Licensing Fee $80.00
License AP Fee $135.00
Total Incidental Fees ($CAD): $720.00
Total course estimate for the Commercial Pilot License ($CAD): $18360.00

NOTE: These prices do not include applicable taxes & fuel surcharges. The above estimate is based on Transport Canada minimums, any additional training required to meet standards will be billed at the applicable rate.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD). For conversion rates to your local currency click here.

Prices subject to change. Click here to learn about refund policy.

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More questions?

Please visit our FAQ section that addresses more frequently asked questions regarding CPL and Flight Training. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.