5 steps to finding your ideal flight school

5 steps to finding your ideal flight school




A desk job just isn’t your style.  You’ve done your research and know flying’s for you – you’re passionate, resilient, and dedicated.

Whether you’re goal is float flying, bush flying, corporate charters, regional carriers, or for commercial airlines – your first step is to get your pilot’s license.



1 – Establish your aviation goals

Perhaps you want to fly, but just for fun – to get out and enjoy the skies on a sunny day.  A recreational pilot permit or private license may be all you want

At the other end of the spectrum, you may be looking for a professional pilot program to get you started on your career.  You might even be looking for a program where you get a college diploma along with your license.

Considering what your goals are will help you find a school which is a good fit for your objectives.



2 – Find a school which aligns with your objectives

Do some research and make a list of schools which match well with your ultimate flying goal.

Flying for fun?  You’ll probably want a bit of flexibility so you can train casually on your own time.

Pursuing a career?  It’ll help to have a structured training program to follow.



3 – Prepare your finances

As with all schooling, you’ll want to cover the financial aspect.

  • Does the school offer a flexible pay-as-you-go structure?
  • Is the school accredited so you can apply for funding?

The answers to these questions can be influential on which school may be the best option for you.



4 – Arrange a visit

Call and schedule an appointment to visit the school.  Meet win an instructor, Chat with students, visit the facilities – maybe even schedule a familiarization flight!  It’ll give you a great sense of what the school is all about.


pro students2



5 – Flight school considerations

Here’s some important factors to consider when choosing a school.  When you visit a school, you’ll want to ask these questions so you can identify which school best suits your needs.



  • What’s the availability of aircraft like?  Will you be able to maintain the kind of training schedule you want?
  • Are there different aircraft types available?
  • Is there a mix of single and multi-engine aircraft?
  • What’s condition of the aircraft fleet?
  • Does the school have their own maintenance division, or is it contracted out?


Flight instructors

  • Are there full-time flight instructors?
  • Will you work with one instructor, or several?
  • Are there a variety of instructors?  You’ll naturally connect with some people more than others.  It’s great to have different instructors to choose from.


Ground school classes

  • How often do ground school classes run?
  • If you miss a class, how can you make it up?
  • Do classes run continually or ?
  • Do classes fit with your schedule and ultimate flying goals?


Now you’re ready to start searching for a flight school!



Looking for a school?

Professional Flight Centre is located at Boundary Bay Airport, just outside of Vancouver, BC.  We’re an accredited school which is dedicated to helping people pursue their aviation careers!  Our Professional Pilot Program takes you ‘from the ground up.’  We’d love to meet you!  Get started by giving us a call at 604-952-4635 or send us a message.