COVID-19 Update

Pacific Professional Flight Centre has implemented rigorous procedures following recommendations from Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) in an effort to minimize exposure and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Strategies have been put in place to ensure safety of our students and staff. Some of these strategies are:

  • Moving classroom based classes to Online Ground School
  • No FAM flight till further notice
  • Mandatory aircraft disinfection with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Implementing stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols for public areas
  • Wearing face masks and gloves on school premises
  • Enforcing 3-Step check-in process, including a Health Declaration Form
  • Installing floor markers to enforce physical distancing
  • Installing Plexiglases around dispatch area, simulator and all debriefing rooms
  • Limiting seating capacity in flight planning room
  • Providing hand sanitizers at Dispatch, planning room and briefing rooms
  • Internal training video to enforce procedures on proper safety protocol and aircraft disinfection.
  • Enforcing phased Safety Protocol to all students and staff
  • Providing updated LOA to International Student who couldn’t travel as planned

Mandatory Check-In Procedures Upon Entering School

Students and staff arriving at school must follow 3-steps based check-in procedure upon entering school premises. Notice signs have been put up at Dispatch area to instruct indicate steps to follow. Uncooperative individuals will be asked to leave school premises.

Step 1 – Have Your Temperature Taken

Upon entering school, proceed to Dispatch front desk where “Step 1” sign is posted to have temperature taken by non-contact thermometer.

Temperature Taken at Dispatch Upon Arrival

Step 2 – Receive Face Mask and Gloves

After having temperature taken, proceed to “Step 2” location to receive face mask and gloves. Put them on under the instruction of dispatcher before proceeding to Step 3.

Masks and Gloves are MANDATORY while on School Premises

Step 3 – Fill out Health Declaration Form

After putting on face mask and gloves, proceed to “Step 3” area to fill out and submit Health Declaration form on iPad

Please Put On Mask And Gloves before Operating The iPad

Safety Procedure Training Video

To all students and renters, please carefully review the following internal training video on proper safety protocols and procedures to correctly disinfect aircraft at Pacific Professional Flight Centre.

Dispatch Area Plexiglass, Signs and Markers
Plexiglass, 70% Isopropyl alcohol Spray and Wipes Available in All Debriefing Rooms
70% Isopropyl alcohol and wipes for MANDATORY aircraft disinfection before and after flights
Hand sanitizers at Dispatch, planning room and briefing rooms
Plexiglases in Simulator
Marked Waiting Line
For the latest updates on COVID-19, please refer to Health Canada or the BC Centre for Disease Control’s websites: