Donald Stewart

I want to say thank you for all the training you and your school has provided for me over the years. Starting with my Private License in 2001 finishing with the ATPL Ground School I tool last year, and everything in between.

I came to Professional Flight Centre after many recommendations from Airline Pilots about how well your school prepared them for Commercial Aviation. Not only was the training provided by great Instructors, it was always geared with my career in mind. I enjoyed the training so much that it was natural that I joined your team as an instructor for three years and counting! I now work full time as a pilot for Central Mountain Air on the Beech 1900 where as a Vancouver based pilot I fly all over Western Canada.

The foundation of IFR that I learned at PRO has made it a much easier transition into the busy IFR world around Vancouver as well as the tough mountainous approaches in BC. I got my start in flying thanks to you John and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.