Accommodations is an important factor in choosing a flight school. Since Professional Flight Centre does not provide on-campus housing facilities, all students arriving from outside of the Metro Vancouver region will need to find a place to live. We want to help you locate comfortable accommodation that best meets your needs to make your stay much more enjoyable and stress free. We are pleased to provide some suggestions to a host of accommodations available to students in areas around the school, ranging in style, comfort, and price.

Short Term Stay

It’s important to arrange your temporary accommodation before you arrive so that you will have a place to stay while looking for long term options.  We recommend organize at least 3 – 4 weeks of temporary accommodation while you look for permanent accommodation. This give you enough time to search and find the desired place to settle down.

Short term accommodation costs will vary from staying in hostels, lodges, hotels or serviced apartments. Usually prices are listed online and stay can be booked in advanced. Below are some short term accommodations close to school. Please note that Professional Flight Centre is not linked to any of these businesses.

Coast Tsawwassen Inn
Address: 1665 56 St, Delta, BC
Distance: 8.9Km (12 minutes by car)
Phone: (604) 943-8221
Feature: Very nice rooms

Beach Grove Motel
Address: 5921 12 Ave, Delta, BC
Distance: 12Km (15 minutes by car)
Phone: (604) 943-2632

Clair’s Bed & Breakfast
Address: 4919 48 Ave & Bridge St, Delta, BC
Distance: 6.4Km (11 minutes by car)
Phone: (604) 940-8867

Delta Town & Country Inn
Address: 6005 BC-17A, Delta, BC
Distance: 6.2Km (12 minutes by car)
Phone: (604) 946-4404
Feature: Nice rooms

Muchen Villa
Address: 5677 28th Ave, Delta, BC
Distance: 8.6Km (12 minutes by car)
Phone: (778)-885-0222 or (604)-728-0986
Web: Link
Feature: 10 large rooms with single and double beds. Buy and cook your own food. Rate starts at $850 per month

Nav Singh
Address: 1660 Babcock Place, tsawwassen, BC
Distance: 11Km (12 minutes by car)
Phone: (778)-223-4575
Feature: 2 rooms with single and double beds. Buy and cook your own food. Rate starts at $650 per month

Eric Buckingham
Address: Richmond, BC
Distance: 11Km
Phone:  778-870-5505
Feature: 3 Bedrooms available for home-stay. Very large and spacious rooms with walk-in closets

GEC Living (Short Term and Long Term)
Address: 5 residences across Vancouver
Distance: 20 to 30 km (from 20 minutes by car)
Phone: (604) 669-9888
Feature: GEC provides fully furnished private and shared rental residences with a minimum 1 month to yearly leasing contract. GEC is the largest off-campus student housing community in Vancouver, combining great value, desirable locations, and the very best in amenities to enhance your academic journey. From $1,000 to $2,800 per month, seasonal promotion available upon request


AirBNB is a good option for staying for short period of time. There are many AirBNB homes around school.–Delta–BC

Sometimes local private landlord also contact us and provide additional short term accommodations to students. Feel free to contact us to learn about latest accommodation options from private landlords.

Long Term Stay

For long term stay, students usually choose homestay or rental properties. We highly recommend arranging long term private rental accommodation in person. We recommend this so you can inspect properties and make an informed decision on location, price, safety and proximity to public transport. It also reduces the risk of exposure to rental scams which often pretend to have properties available for rent and ask for money upfront.

This is why we encourage that only short term accommodation should be pre-arranged before your arrival. For any long term arrangements, it is vital that you see what your options are in person.


Homestay programs allow students to live in a Canadian home as a member of the family. Students share meals with their hosts, participate in family activities and conversations, and establish friendships with people who can help make the adjustment to new surroundings much easier. If this housing option appeals to you, please refer to the options below: 

Home Stay in Delta has a vast database of homestay families in Greater Vancouver area.

Harmony Homestay 
Harmony Homestay has a diverse database of homestay families to be able to provide a variety of options when choosing a homestay family.

Additional Long Term Options

If Homestay is not your housing preference, you can use various Internet search engines and rental property boards to locate your own lodging. Make sure the searched property is within reasonable commute distance from school. There are many different types of living arrangements available, including: one-bedroom apartments, two, three and four-bedroom apartments, basement suites/apartments, a single room in a house, shared houses, etc.

Note that the web links above are provided as a courtesy to students. Professional Flight Center does not take responsibility for off-campus rental accommodation.

Beware of Rental Scams

While the vast majority of apartment listings online are legitimate, you should be aware that certain individuals post rental listings for the sole purpose of scamming potential renters. To avoid rental scams here are some red flags and tips from Vancouver Police Department:

Is the price too good to be true? 
Check rental rates in the same area. Often fraudsters will try to entice their victims with low prices to elicit multiple victims.

Are they just communicating with you via email? 
Fraudsters will not want to meet their victims in person to avoid being recognized and investigated by police.

Are they asking for cash only or a cash security deposit? 

Cash is untraceable and can be used immediately.

Are they asking for money to be wired? 

Once money is wired, it is extremely difficult to cancel the transaction. Also, money transfers are difficult to trace.

Have you seen the place and walked around with the property manager or owner? 
Never rent a place that you have not been inside and walked around.

Are they asking for personal information such as a SIN, bank account, credit card numbers? 
That information is not required to rent a place.

Are they the landowner or property manager?
Only the landowner and property manager have the authority to rent out a place (there are exceptions to this rule however, it is rare).