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Flight Training

Flight training can be fun and rewarding. Pro has helped thousands of men and women just like you become pilots. Whether you want to fly for fun or fly for career as a commercial pilot, below are the necessary licenses and ratings.

Private Pilot License

If you are interested in learning to fly as a hobby, obtaining your PPL (Private Pilot License) can be done in as little as 4 months. This is assuming you are training full-time, booking flight 5 to 6 days per week. The PPL entails a minimum of 40 hours ground school and a minimum of 45 flight hours. Students usually finish the PPL course around 60-70 flight hours at the Boundary Bay airport because of our busy airport and airspace.

Commercial Pilot License

If a career as a pilot is what you are after then you need a CPL (Commercial Pilot License). The CPL program entails a minimum of 80 hours ground school and 200 flight hours. One of the biggest achievements in the CPL course is to obtain the 200 flight hours. This is the main time consuming element. Booking flights every day, a full-time student can finish the course in less than a year. When flying part time, the program can take 18 to 24 months.

Multi-Engine Rating

A Multi Engine Rating is a pilot rating that qualifies you to fly any aircraft with more than one engine. It is a necessary pilot certification add-on for any aspiring pilot to advance to the airlines, or to increase their overall marketability in the aviation workforce. Multi-Engine training is at the student’s pace and convenience. The course can be completed in 4 to 7 days if full time.

Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating (IR) allows a pilot to fly solely by reference to instruments. It is arguably one of the most valuable ratings you can add to your pilot certificate and is a fun and challenging discipline of flight training. Professional Flight Centre was originally under the name of Professional IFR, where we commenced business as a Multi-IFR school only in 1986 and have completed well over 6000 Instrument Ratings since our inception! Below is a list of available Instrument Ratings.

Types of Instrument Ratings

  • Group 1 – This type of instrument rating is given when the flight test was completed in a multi-engine plane (Multi-IFR Rating).
  • Group 2 — This rating is given when the flight test was completed in a multi-engine centre line thrust airplane (Multi-Engine Rating).
  • Group 3 — This rating is given when the flight test was completed in a single-engine plane (Singe-Engine IFR).

Professional Pilot Program

Professional Pilot Program includes PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and Multi-IFR Rating (Group 1 Instrument). Multi-IFR contains Multi-Engine Rating already. Both Night Rating and VFR-Over-The-Top (OTT) are included in CPL. The benefit of Professional Pilot Program is that the hours from Multi-IFR Rating count towards CPL’s 200 hours requirements. This way, students save both time and money by not having to fly extra hours for Multi-IFR Rating after completing CPL.

College Program

Professional Flight Centre has partnered with Douglas College to offer the Associate of Arts for Future Professional Pilots program. Douglas College is the largest degree-granting college in British Columbia, Canada, educating close to 25,000 students per year. The College has two major campuses in Metro Vancouver (New Westminster and Coquitlam) as well as several smaller training centres in Surrey, Burnaby and Maple Ridge.

The classroom academics are taught at Douglas College. This full-time, 60-credit associate of arts program includes courses closely related to the aviation industry, such as geography, business and psychology. All of the courses are university transferable giving you the option to further your education. The flight training portion of the program is provided here at Professional Flight Centre, where you will obtain your PPL (Private Pilot License), CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and Multi-IFR Rating (Group 1 Instrument). These components together will provide you with the foundation you need for a career in the today and tomorrow’s aviation industry.

Flight Training Videos

If a picture worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures! Professional Flight Centre is one of the very few flight schools that allow students to film during flight. Many of our students have recorded and shared flight training videos on social medias. These videos have helped many others to master and successfully complete their training. Here are a couple of YouTube videos from our students on what flight training at Professional Flight Centre will be like. For more videos, check out our media page.


Ground School

Our ground school runs on weekdays regardless the number of students. The program runs in a cycle and takes approximately 3 months to complete the whole course.  New students are welcome to join in at any time.  In addition, students are encouraged to re-sit any or all of the course upon completion at no extra charge. The ground school prepares you to achieve a solid passing mark on the Transport Canada Written Exams. For ground school schedules, please visit Ground School Program page.

Access to our Online Ground School is included at NO additional cost to classroom based ground school. The Online Ground School has been approved by Transport Canada and grands students credits toward the ground school hour requirement.

Students registered for Online ground school will have access to following studying materials:

  • Daily Live Class Sessions
  • Ground School Course Slides
  • Ground School Quizzes
  • Written Exam Preparations
  • Recorded Ground School Training Videos
  • Training videos such as proper airplane tie-down and de-icing.
  • Ability to interact with other students and instructors online through messages and discussion forums.

Online ground school serves as an excellent compliment to conventional classroom based ground school. It enables students to participate and learn on the go, even before arriving in Canada. To learn more about online ground school, please visit its program page.

Training Cost

As with length of time to complete the training, how much it will cost will vary student to student. How much commitment and aptitude and whether the student is full-time or part-time are factors that will affect the cost. The latest estimated cost of Flight Training at different stages of the Professional Pilot Program can be found on Training Cost Estimate Page. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. There is no need to pay full amount fee in advance. Instead, you will be charged by “flight time” following each training session. This is the time from engine start to engine stop. The training cost is same for domestic and international students.

Although prepayment is not required, students do need to pay a $500.00 security deposit which will be refunded at the end of your training or when you decide to leave us. For registration, we charge:

  • Non-refundable registration fee of $250 CAD plus tax ($600 CAD plus tax for International Student)
  • Non-refundable admission fee of $300 CAD plus tax
  • Refundable deposit of $500 CAD (Might vary depending on Payment method)

The flight training can start at any time. When you and the instructor show up, the lesson starts. The pacing and schedule of the lessons are up to you. You can fly once a month, once a week, or 2-3 times a day if it’s productive for you. The more often you fly the sooner the course will be done and the less money it’ll cost you to learn to fly.


We are located at Boundary Bay Regional Airport (CZBB), which is about 20 minutes from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and less than 40 minutes to downtown Vancouver, Surrey and the US Border.

You can get to Professional Flight Centre by car, bus or bike. Public transit is definitely recommended. We are just 200m (2 minutes walk) from the bus stop. If you do drive, there are plenty onsite free parking space available.

Please visit Transportation page for detailed travel information.

Student Accommodation

We want to help you locate comfortable accommodation that best meets your needs to make your stay much more enjoyable and stress free. Boundary Bay airport is well service by public transit. We are pleased to provide some suggestions to a host of accommodations available to students in areas around the school, ranging in style, comfort, and price. Please visit Student Housing page for detailed accommodation information near school.

Job Opportunities for Students

We offer job opportunities to students on campus. Please visits Job Opportunities page for more information.

Canadian Permanent Resident Status

Over the years, many of our Instructors Rating students have successfully obtained Canadian Permanent Residence Status through Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). We suggest interested students to contact Canadian government or an immigration expert for detailed information on CRS.

Additional Information

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Applying to Pacific Professional Flight Centre

Applying to Pacific Professional Flight Centre is an easy process. We look forward to helping you reach your career goals. Here are ways to apply to Professional Flight Centre:

Online: Simply fill out the online application form at Online Admission page.

By Telephone: Call us at 604-952-4635. Alternatively click here to request a callback. Our admissions team is here to help and advise you on the best way to begin your career.

By Email: Email our admission team at with your intended program and start date and we will guide you through the rest of the application process.

In person: You are welcomed to visit us at Boundary Bay Airport any time to have a chat with our instructors and fill out the application form

Program Packages for Current Students

To current and new students, visit Program Packages page for program registration forms, syllabuses, equipment utilization form and exam preparation materials.


Please visit our FAQ section that addresses more frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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