At Professional Flight Centre, we believe that good flight training starts from the ground up. An excellent ground school is the backbone of our operation. In fact, it was John Montgomery’s famous 3-day IFR seminar that initially put Pro on the map more than 30 years ago! Since then, he has taken his simple and effective approach to ground school and expanded into other fields of aviation.

The seminar format of ground school is effective for training in advanced aviation, as it immerses you in the subject matter and covers the topic quickly,

which works well with the hectic schedules that so many student pilots have. You can build up to 25 hours of ground school in a matter of 3 days as opposed to attending weekly ground school class for several months!

We now offer seminars for IFR, ATPL, Commercial, Meteorology, Crew Resource Management, and Private Pilot’s License. You can also take traditional Private groundschool  Monday-Thursday afternoons, or Saturdays. Please visit Calendar page for most up-to-date class and seminar schedule.

2021 Seminar Schedule

SeminarJan ’21Feb ’21Mar ’21Apr ’21May ’21Jun ’21Jul ’21Aug ’21Sep ’21Oct ’21Nov ’21Dec ’21
3-Day IFR Exam Prep15-1712-1412-149-127-911-139-1113-1510-128-1012-1410-12
Commercial Seminar22-2419-2119-2116-1814-1618-2016-1820-2217-1915-1719-21N/A
IFR 1-Day Refresher966315374264
Daily Ground School (Online)M-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-ThuM-Thu

Pricing & Notes

3-Day IFR Exam Prep
  • $550.00 Friday 08:30-18:30, Saturday 08:30-18:30, Sunday 08:30-18:30
ATPL / IATRA Seminar
  • $550.00 Friday 08:30-18:00, Saturday 08:30-18:00, Sunday 08:30-18:00
Aviation Meteorology
  • $160.00 Friday 0830 to 1830 hours
Commercial Seminar
  • $550.00 Friday 08:30-18:00, Saturday 08:30-18:00, Sunday 08:30-18:00
IFR 1-Day Refresher
  • $160.00 Saturday 08:30-18:00
Daily Ground School
  • $900.00
  • Mondays through Thursdays 08:30-11:00
  • Tuesday through Friday 12:30-15:00
  • Saturdays 0900-1130 and 12:30-15:00
  • No ground school on following holidays

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