Our Team

John Montgomery


John Montgomery is the Founder of Professional Flight Centre. Since its inception in 1986, John has worked tirelessly to grow the company into one of the country’s largest and most respected flight training institutes. With over 14,000 hours flight time, he is an Airline Transport Pilot License holder, Multi-IFR instructor and architect of the “Pro IFR System”, an efficient and highly effective way to learn IFR flying.

When John is not in the air, you will find him teaching one of the many seminars offered at Pro. These interactive and engaging seminars are renowned throughout the industry and his ability to simplify the material and make concepts easily understood is second to none. John is also an aviation writer and regular contributor to two national publications as well as the main author of our in-house training material.

John ensures that each student gets the highly personalized attention they need, be it in ground school, seminars, or in-flight training. A passionate aviator and enthusiastic individual, he extends a warm welcome to all students of Pro!

Management Team

Mark Stierli

 Operations Manager

David McIntosh

David McIntosh

Director of Flight Operations / Chief Flight Instructor

Claire Stierli

Finance Manager

Cyril Rodgers

Senior Flight Instructor

Lance D’cunha

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Our Instructors

Sören Rix

Class II Flight Instructor / IFR / VFR


Leslee Probasco

Ground School Instructor

Anisha Menon

Flight Instructor / IFR / VFR

Rajnita Sandhu

 Flight Instructor / VFR

Siavash Pourreza

Supervisory Flight Instructor / IFR / VFR

Daniel Thomas

Flight Instructor / VFR

Ashley Alexander

Flight Instructor / VFR

Terence Tse

Flight / Ground School Instructor / VFR

Terrence Lin

Flight Instructor / VFR

Kimberly Krushen

Flight Instructor / VFR

Bob Salway

Flight Instructor / VFR

Christopher Pham

Flight Instructor / VFR

Maintenance Team

Ellon Seel

Director of Maintenance

Tyler Doyle

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Rob Watson

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Brandon Murdoch

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Cameron R Tully

Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice

Nikita Polulyakh

Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice