Future Professional Pilots Program at Douglas College

Professional Flight Centre has partnered with Douglas College to offer the Associate of Arts for Future Professional Pilots program.

The classroom academics are taught at Douglas College, one of BC’s largest community colleges. This full-time, 60-credit associate of arts program includes courses closely related to the aviation industry, such as geography, business and psychology. All of the courses are university transferable giving you the option to further your education.

The flight training portion of the program is provided here at Professional Flight Centre, where you will obtain your Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License and Multi-engine Instrument Rating.

These components together will provide you with the foundation you need for a career in the aviation industry.

Please note that you will need to apply separately to both Douglas and the Professional Flight Centre.

This full-time, 60-credit program includes courses closely related to the aviation industry. The program includes geography courses relating to climate and weather, as well as psychology courses and up to three related business courses.

Skills such as critical thinking and communications have always been qualities that airlines look for when hiring pilots. Hence, upon completion of this Associate of Arts Degrees  as well as our Flight Training Program, employability of the candidate will have greatly increased.


  • For more information on academic portion’s admission requirements, intake dates and more, please visit Douglas College’s Program Page.
  • For flight training portion, please feel free to contact us for more information.