Corporate Seminars

This fast paced, interactive, and fun course is designed to ensure students understand real-world applications to IFR flying. John Montgomery has over 30-years experience teaching this course and is a passionate and engaging presenter. It is taught on PowerPoint and includes a comprehensive manual complete with several practical examples for students to work through.

This course has been very well received by the Canadian aviation industry.  Aside from being taught on a regular basis at our Boundary Bay facility, John has been invited to teach this course for several corporate clients including:

  • RCMP Air Division Alberta and British Columbia
  • Calgary Police Force
  • Edmonton Police Force
  • Transport Canada Western Region
  • Helijet Airways
  • Conair Aviation
  • Manitoba Government Air Division
  • Saskatchewan Government Air Division
  • The Vancouver Airport Corporate Aviation Community
  • Calgary Flying Club
This course has generated rave reviews and people have found it extremely valuable.  John is called back on an annual basis by most of the companies above, which serves as a testament to the quality of the course.

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Seminar Contents:

  1. New NavCanada Approach Plates & how to use them…
  2. IFR Rules of Thumb…
  3. Preferred Routes
  4. Designated Mountainous Regions
  5. Alternate Minima
  6. Takeoff Minima & Departure Procedures
  7. Holding Patterns & Procedures
  8. Cleared for the Approach & Descent to Minimum Altitudes
  9. Obstacle Clearance at Minimum IFR Altitudes (DMR & Non DMR)
  10. Approach Procedures – RNAV; ILS; LOC; VOR; NDB
  11. CDFA Approaches – Constant Descent Final Approach
  12. Circling Approaches and Procedures
  13. IFR Departure from Uncontrolled Airspace
  14. RVR Based Approach Ban
  15. CAR 704, 704, 705 Approach Ban
  16. Remote Altimeter Settings
  17. Cold Weather Corrections – en Route & Approach
  18. New Transport Canada IFR Renewal Criteria