Instructor Rating

What this rating allows you to do…
With completion of the (entry level) Class 4 Instructor Rating, you will be allowed to conduct flight training for the issue of the Private Pilot License (PPL); Night Rating;Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP); and the Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

If the candidate also holds the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, the holder may also train towards the Multi-Engine and IFR Rating providing Transport Canada experience requirements are met.


Many of our graduates choose to complete the Instructors Rating as it is a very safe way to enter the exciting world of commercial aviation.  We do our best to hire our graduates providing we have opportunities available and the candidate meets our requirements of safety, skill, personality, enthusiasm, and customer service.

This Program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.


  • The candidate must hold a Commercial Licence.
  • The candidate must also hold a Class 1 Medical


  • A minimum of 30 hours of dual flight training including 5 hours instrument training
  • 25 hours Ground school required.
  • Transport Canada written examination and flight test is required.

How to Apply

  • Contact us at info(@)


How long does this rating take to complete?

  • Training is at the student’s pace and convenience. The course will take 4-5 months to complete.

What is the Cost?

Scroll down for minimum requirements and cost estimates for obtaining a Instructor Rating with Professional Flight Centre.

Transport Canada Required Minimums for Class IV Instructor Rating:

C152 Dual Training – 30 hours @ $239.00 (with Class 1 Instructor) $7380.00
Ground Briefing – 25 hours @ $80.00 (with Class 1 Instructor) $2000.00
Books and Supplies $105.00
Total Fees to Professional Flight Centre ($CAD): $9485.00

Incidental Fees:

Transport Canada Flight Test Examiner Fee $200.00
License AP Fee $150.00
Transport Canada Written Exam Fee $35.00
Transport Canada Licensing Fee $30.00
Total Incidental Fees($CAD): $415.00
Total Instructor Rating Cost Estimate ($CAD): $9900.00

(Effective March 21st, 2021)

NOTE: These prices do not include applicable taxes & fuel surcharges. All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD). For conversion rates to your local currency click here. Click here to learn about refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we accept students from all over the world. Please visit International Student page for more information.

After converting foreign CPL to Canadian CPL, you can then continue with Instructor Rating. Transport Canada has standard requirements for converting foreign CPL to Canadian CPL. Please see following page from Transport Canada for conversion requirements:

Here is a short summary of conversion process:

  1. Complete the medical examination.
  2. Proof that the experience requirement is met.
  3. Meet the knowledge requirements by successfully completing CPAER written examination.
  4. Meet the skill requirement by successfully completing a practical Flight Test.

International students who completes CPL or Instructor rating in Canada are eligible for Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP) upon program completion. The length of the permit would be the total length it took to finish CPL and Instructor Rating.

More information can be obtained from Government of Canada website at here.