Cirrus SR-20 (G1000)


Designed to be the industry-leading training platform that’s also easy to fly, the technologically-advanced Cirrus SR series boasts an impressive list of features and capabilities. Glass cockpit, synthetic vision technology, WAAS capable GPS, embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS), Air Traffic Alerting System (ATAS), climate control and In-flight weather reports with SiriusXM weather and audio,  plus integrated engine indication and crew alerting/warning systems – all features found on today’s advanced airliners.

The aircraft features a durable all-composite structure with the signature Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®), making the SR series one of the safest and most versatile training airplanes available today.

The aircraft is maintained by our designated AMO – Pro Aircraft Maintenance, the only Cirrus Authorized Service Center (ASC) in BC, Canada.

2019 Cirrus SR20 C-GXRC
2019 Cirrus SR20 Cockpit G1000 Panel