Professional Pilot Ground School - Early Entry Program

The ground school early-entry program is in place for students who have applied for Letter of Acceptance (LOA) but not arrived in Canada yet. At Professional Flight Centre, we believe that good flight training starts from the ground up. An excellent ground school is the backbone of our operation. We hope the early Entry Program gives new students a head starts on ground school study before arriving in Canada.

Program Cost and Duration

Students in such conditions can enroll into the program and gain 12 months online eLearning Platform access. The cost is $150 CAD plus tax. This non-refundable payment counts towards Professional Pilot Ground School. One only needs to pay the difference after arriving in Canada to enroll in Professional Pilot Ground School.

Ground School Syllabus

Professional Pilot Ground School covers both PPL and CPL ground school. Full course syllabus can be viewed at:

Students registered for Ground School Early Entry Program will have access to following studying materials:

  1. Ground School Course Slides
  2. Ground School Quizzes
  3. Written Exam Preparations
  4. Recorded Ground School Class Videos
  5. Ability to interact with other students and instructors online through messages and discussion forums.

Recorded Ground School Class Videos

Students can go through entire ground school syllabus through recorded class videos. Videos are grouped by topic, grouped with corresponding presentation slides and quizzes.


eLearning Platform

eLearning Platform offers class recordings, digital slides, quizzes, exam preparation, training videos, discussion forums & much more.


How to Enroll into Early Entry Program

The registration process for Ground School Early Entry program is straight forward. Below is the steps:

  1. Submit payment instantly through "Enroll Now" button at bottom of this page.
  2. Create and activate your eLearning account at
  3. eLearning account will be verified and enrolled within 24 hours following account creation.
  4. You now have access to entire learning contents on eLearning platform and join Live Zoom Classes

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Join the Exciting Online Learning Experience Today

CA$18.00 (tax)
Total: CA$168.00