Those in the know, indeed train with Pro! I am extremely grateful of my time at ProIFR. I can still remember the first time I signed up, they welcomed me with open arms and instantly made me feel like a family member. From my time as a student, to becoming a flight instructor, they molded me as a person and made me a well rounded pilot. The training and mentorship I received was top notch. That was evident when I initially became a Medevac First Officer in Manitoba, hand flying the Metroliner Aircraft and just purely relying on the training I received. I can still hear John’s voice in my head.. “SCAN… Small Corrections As Necessary kiddo”. Now that I fly the Bombardier CRJ for Air Canada Express, even with its automation, nothing has changed. I still fly the same way I was first taught how to. As a Vancouver based First Officer, I get to fly around the Vancouver area a lot. It brings me great joy to see all the landmarks, airports, practice areas I used to go to on a Cessna during my time at Pro, but this time in a different perspective, flying much higher and faster! ProIFR is a special place for aspiring pilots as it has been for decades and for more to come!


Poul Go

Air Canada Jazz