Ground School

The main focus of ground school is to prepare the student for the Transport Canada written examination. This is the basis for the majority of the student’s knowledge through-out the whole program. There is a mandatory ground school component for many of the licenses and ratings and it is strongly recommended to be included in all levels of flight training.

Preparatory Ground Instruction

These courses provide the student with the required knowledge for the practical operation of the aircraft. The theory learned in ground school will be applied to real life scenarios. Classes will cover the steps and procedures necessary to fly an aircraft.


In-Flight Instruction

These in-flight classes are the culmination of all preparatory ground instruction and ground school; it is the practical hands-on operation of a light trainer aircraft. To maximize the effectiveness, it should be synchronized with the preparatory ground instruction classes.

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Planes + Extras-0414Multi-Engine IFR Rating (Multi-IFR)

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