I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to all the team at Pro for helping to launch, what for me, was the fulfillment of a childhood dream. All of my flying training was at Pro, from Private through the Commercial and IFR. After I finished my CPL/IFR training I completed an instructor rating at Pro and was fortunate enough to teach along side some incredible instructors with fantastic students. In hindsight I learned even more working at Pro from the other instructors than I did in my own training. After Pro, I was fortunate to be hired by Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong on the 747-400 as a second officer. After a few years of “cruising” I got in the right seat and culminated my training by doing circuits (base training) in an empty 747-400. A few years on and I’m a Senior First Officer and spend an equal amount of time teaching on the Ground and in the airplane. It’s been a great pleasure to work with a very diverse group of crews and fly to every continent. I’ve flown into the busiest airports in the world (Atlanta, Chicago) and uncontrolled airports in rural Australia, and everything in between. At Cathay, I’ve redeveloped and delivered much of our initial pilot training (Operations, Technical, CRM).

I was very fortunate to have the right learning environment to start my flying career, the learning curve from smaller aircraft to a 747 is nearly vertical, but more than once (using during a check) I’ve whispered “tail, course, cut”.

Happy landings,

Adam Wainwright
Cathay Pacific Airways
Hong Kong