Introductory Flight

Experience what it’s like to fly an aircraft
An Introductory Flight, also called Familiarization (FAM) Flight, is essentially a regular 30 or 60 minutes flight lesson where you will be flying under the supervision of a Flight Instructor. During the flight, you will be treated just like a regular student pilot and will be involved in all the pre-flight and post-flight duties such as route planning, aircraft inspections, taking control of the aircraft and debriefing normally completed by pilots.

You will get to log the flight just like a regular lesson and will get a chance to see how you like the flying.  Introductory Flight is also a good opportunity to chat with other students and flight instructors and learn more about flying as a career.

What’s Included in An Introductory Flight?

1. Preflight Ground Briefing

Every flight will start with a preflight briefing where instructor will give you a brief introductory to theory of flight, aircraft type, useful aviation glossary and a discussion on the weather and route of flight.

2. Aircraft Inspection

You will be introduced to aircraft components, such as engine, flap and aileron. A preflight inspection will be conducted together with your instructor. Together, you will perform the preflight inspection just as a regular pilot would do. Once in the cockpit, you will be introduced to the flight instruments, throttle, yoke and rudder pedals and how to use them to control the aircraft.

3. Take off and take control

Instructor will taxi the aircraft from ramp to run way and get ready to take off. Under the supervision of your instructor you will be able to pilot the aircraft in take off, turns, climbs, and descents to see just what flying is all about.

4. Landing and debriefing

After landing and parking the aircraft, the instructor will tell you how well you handled the aircraft and what you need to improve. This flight could be the first step to becoming a new hobby, or a new career; it may be the realization of a lifelong dream. Whatever the case, we would be excited to become a part of your flight training future.

Aircraft Type Available for Introductory Flight

Cessna 152

The 2-seat C-152 is a strong, stable, and durable aircraft that fun to fly!


  • 30 min at $85 CAD
  • 1 hr at $201.37 CAD

Cessna 172

With over 35,000 built, the Cessna 172 is the world’s most popular general aviation aircraft!


  • 30 min at $100 CAD
  • 1 hr at $233.66 CAD

Cirrus SR-20

The technologically-advanced Cirrus boasts an impressive list of features and capabilities!


  • 30 min at $201.03 CAD
NOTE: These prices already include applicable taxes & fuel surcharges. Introductory Flight must to be paid in advance. Contact us if you want to book longer period.

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