Why does Professional Flight Centre have such a wide spread reputation for its Multi-IFR ratings?

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The Pro-IFR Multi-Engine IFR Rating system is what initially made Professional Flight Centre famous. Our reputation crosses oceans. Many students come from all over the globe because they either heard from friends or potential employers about Pro. Many international companies send their employees to Professional Flight Centre for recurrency training on a regular basis. John Montgomery himself is often commissioned by companies to travel around the country doing his IFR seminars. He even conducts seminars for our governing body, Transport Canada!

The 3-Day IFR Seminar and the 1-Day IFR Refresher seminar are at the heart of the Pro training system. You only have to pay for the seminar once, and you can re-take it again as long as you are still a student at Pro. These seminars are conducted by John Montgomery himself and have earned a solid reputation. Usually the student will take the 3-day seminar, start the simulator program, then attend the 1-day seminar before writing the INRAT (instrument rating) written exam. With the simulator portion complete and the written test out of the way, it’s time to get into the aeroplane. Pro has 3 Beechcraft Duchess 76′s for training and rental at the Boundary Bay school. You can see these on the website www.proifr.com. The student will take a Multi-Engine Rating, pass that flight test, and a few practice flights later, the Multi-IFR flight test.

With an IFR Rating and Night Rating, the student now usually gets back into the Cessnas and prepares for the Commercial flight test.

The CPL ground school covers all the topics outlined in the Transport Canada Study and Reference Guide: Commercial. This can be found at the TC website at http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/General/Exams/Guides.htm

Apart from the above ground schools, we offer weekend seminars for the PPL, CPL, ATPL, Crew resource management. These are a valuable resource to take advantage of. Click on the seminar page of this website for more information on the subjects covered in each seminar.

For PPL and CPL courses, we use the standard textbook: From the Ground Up, complimented by our own manuals that are designed to present the information in a simple, graphical, easy to understand form.



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