Do I Need to Pay Full Program Cost Up Front?

Another school has a package where I can pay $xxxxxxx up front and they will train me from 0 hours to airline. Do you have something like this?
No, there is no need to prepay full program cost up front. Instead, you will pay as you go and be charged by “flight time”. This is the time from engine start to engine stop. The hobbs meter in the aircraft keeps track of this time in .1 hour intervals (6-minute intervals).

Almost every school in the country charges you by the flight hour. Be very careful before you sign up with a school that asks for full payment up front. People will often get pressured into contracts and up-front tuition payments, only to find they are not happy at the school and wish to switch, or you run the risk of the school potentially going bankrupt. You should also be skeptical if a company promises employment if you train with them. Usually, this involves spending great amounts of money to train on their aircraft, and then flying minimal hours (you must share the hours with the other students of the school). You will work for no payment, or very minimal, and will have to pay for your own recurrency training.

At Professional Flight Centre, we teach you according to your own individual needs. It is impossible to put an accurate price on the total package. Usually for a Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License , and IFR Rating people spend between $53,000 and $55,000 Canadian Dollars. There are many ways you can minimize the cost of your training.


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