Chirag A Nagpal

Would just like to thank the staff and instructors at Pro for the excellent Flight Training and some never experienced Ground School. It was very exam oriented and worked very well with the Transport Canada exams. The tricks for IFR taught by PRO came to be of great use even for my IFR procedure checkout (on Seminole Sims, in Miami) which were just before we went on to the Airbus 320 Sims. In fact I have taught many of my friends the trade of Course-Head-Cut, Tune-Set-Identify, Scan-Think-Focus and more.

Today, I am a First Officer with Kingfisher Airlines flying the A320 and I proudly tell my Commanders that I hold a Canadian CPL and IFR rating from Professional Flight Centre as the name holds a lot of respect in India, which it has earned through its top notch training and knowledge over years. I recommend PRO to all the aspiring Pilots and have sent many of my friends myself.