After completing the CPL program, will I be able to get a job flying a big jet?


After completing the CPL program, you will have approximately 200 hours. To get a job in the right seat as copilot (First Officer or FO) you need to take an exam called the IATRA. To take this test you will need 250 flight hours.

The Commercial Pilot’s License in itself is a professional pilot’s license. If you want the quickest way to the airlines, the next step is to begin building hours. There are many ways for a new Commercial Multi-IFR pilot to obtain employment. Some pilots head up North to work the ramp or docks (with a float rating) with the intent of eventually transitioning to job on the flight line. If you have an aptitude for teaching, instructing is a rewarding career. Other options are agricultural flying, flying skydivers, towing gliders and banners, and ferrying planes to name a few. You will pick a route that best suits your interests and personality. If you think you have an aptitude for instructing, your best choice is to carry on with an Instructor Rating and teach flying for a few years. At Pro, we quite often hire our own students if they exhibit the attitude and skills that we see fit for a Professional Flight Centre Instructor.


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