Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Familiarization Flight (Fam Flight)?

Yes, we do offer Familiarization Flight (Fam Flight)!

A Fam Flight is essentially a regular flight lesson where you will be flying under the supervision of a Flight Instructor. During the Fam Flight, you will be treated just like a regular student pilot and will be involved in all the pre-flight and post-flight duties such as route planning, aircraft inspections and debriefing normally completed by pilots. You will get to log the flight just like a regular lesson and will get a chance to see how you like the flying.  Familiarization Flight is also a good opportunity to chat with a real flight instructor and learn more about flying as a career.

Familiarization Flight can be booked on Introductory Flight page or by contacting our dispatch team directly. They will help you to book an airplane and instructor.