Public Transit (BUS)

Professional Flight Centre is easily accessible by public transit. the #310 Bus Stop is right across the street from school.

Use the Trip Planning feature on the Translink website to find the most efficient routing from anywhere in the Metro Vancouver region. Note that 310 Bus has two routes: Ladner and Scottsdale. Make sure the correct direction was chosen when planning your trip. Also, some buses have bike racks so that you can take your bike on transit too!

More on Vancouver’s Public Transit System (TransLink)

Translink is the statutory authority responsible for the regional transportation network of Metro Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, including public transport, major roads and bridges. The travel services that Translink offers include:

  • Buses
  • SkyTrain
  • SeaBus
  • West Coast Express

For route planning and latest fares information, please visit TransLink website at:

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