I have heard much about Pro IFR. Is Professional Flight Centre the same thing?

Professional Flight Centre started out many years ago as Professional IFR. We were based in Vancouver International and ran Beech Duchesses and ATC 810 simulators, doing multi-engine Instrument ratings. Our reputation grew fast because of John Montgomery’s teaching style, manuals, and our solid system that just WORKS. The airlines began to love our graduates. We soon became the standard for IFR training in Western Canada, and eventually companies from all over the world were sending students to us. There was an increasing demand to bring our unique, effective system of instruction to the VFR end of flight instruction. (For those new to aviation, IFR is “Instrument Flight Rules” and is more advanced training. VFR is “Visual Flight Rules”. Initial training is done VFR.) We hired the best visual flight instructor we could find, Francois Leh, and bought some Cessna 152’s and 172’s, plus a helicopter and started a new company, Professional Flight Centre to more completely reflect our total operation. Francois, with his incredible passion for flying and quality instruction, has worked night and day to make Professional Flight Centre the school it is today. With the addition of a helicopter department, we truly are the “Professional Flight Centre”.

So the answer is, YES, we are the same company!!


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