The Cessna 152 is the world’s tried-and-true trainer. The 2-seat Cessna 152 is a strong, stable, and durable aircraft and it is powered by a reliable Lycoming engine. Its lower horsepower engine may provide a gentler learning curve for beginner pilots. The Cessna 152’s smaller size can also be beneficial for practicing precision maneuvers. Together with an exceptional safety record, the Cessna 152 offers an excellent training environment.

The Cessna 172 is the 4 seater version of the 152. Most people do their initial training on the 152 as it is a little more economical. Cessna 172 is larger and more powerful. It offers a spacious cockpit, allowing for comfortable seating and ease of operation. Larger people may find the 172 more practical. Quite often much of the cross-country time building is done on the Cessna 172 because it is faster and the students will bring passengers on their trips.

The choice is up to you.

152 Aircraft Specifications:
Range: 768 km
Cruise speed: 198 km/h
Weight: 490 kg
Wingspan: 10 m
Length: 7.3 m
Engine type: Lycoming O-235

172 Aircraft Specifications:
Range: 1185 km
Cruise speed: 226 km/h
Weight: 767 kg
Wingspan: 11 m
Length: 8.28 m
Engine type: Lycoming O-300

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