What are the advantages of flying in Canada? British Columbia? Boundary Bay?

Mount Baker

Canada is the ideal place to learn how to fly for several reasons:

  • Canada as a country is different from the USA as we see ourselves as a “mosaic of cultures” as opposed to the American “melting pot” philosophy. As a result, we have a highly diverse society and people from all countries, races and religions can feel at home without persecution or ignorance.
  • Aviation is inexpensive and easily accessible.
  • Our dollar is relatively weak compared to other countries, so your money will go further here.
  • Modern Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Our ICAO Licenses are recognized widely in the world
  • Combined British and USA system of aviation.
  • The people are known to be very friendly.

British Columbia in particular is the preferred place in Canada to fly:

  • We have mountains, lakes, the Pacific ocean, and other interesting terrain to fly around.
  • The weather in Vancouver is mild compared to the rest of the country.
  • Vancouver has interesting airspace so the student can gain experience in uncontrolled and controlled zones.
  • When we have cloud in Vancouver, it is usually the safe, stable stratus type. Instrument training is enhanced by the ability to fly through these clouds, gaining valuable actual instrument flying time! (elsewhere in Canada, the clouds are usually unstable, cumulus types, which are not safe to fly through.)
  • In Vancouver, we are close to Transport Canada’s main offices, and have developed a good relationship with them.
  • The people of British Columbia are known to be laid-back and easy going people, very easy to get along with.
  • For non-aviation related activities, we have skiing, mountain climbing, biking, and a vibrant night scene in Vancouver!

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