What days do you have ground school?

PROIFR CFI Giving Lecture

This comprehensive 150 hour course runs on a continuous basis and new students are welcome to join in at any time.  In addition, students are encouraged to re-sit any or all of the course upon completion at no extra charge.

Ground School schedule is listed on our Calendar Page.

Students are welcome to attend one or both of the following ground school sessions:

  • Mondays through Thursdays 0930-1200
  • Saturdays 0900-1130 and 1230-1500


Our ground school runs in our facility at Boundary Bay Airport. It takes approximately three to six months to cycle through all the topics depending on which session you attend. The ground school is not cumulative, meaning that you can start at the beginning of any of the topics. If you miss a lesson, you can take it the next time around free of charge, or catch that lesson when the other ground school class does it. Such as, if you regularly attend evening ground school, you can sit in on daytime ground school when you feel the need to brush up on any of the topics!

The ground school is divided into several topics. These are:

  • Airframes and Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Aerodynamics and theory of flight
  • Flight operations
  • Canadian Air Regulations (CAR’s)
  • Meteorology
  • Pilot Decision Making
  • Navigation

Feel free to visit us and sit in our ground school few times for NO CHARGE. Then if you like to register with us, the price for the private pilot ground school is $450.

You can join us by simply emailing our dispatch team at dispatch@proifr.com or giving us a call at 604-952-4635. We’d love to work you through the registration steps.



Contact us at 604-952-4635 to start your flight training today!